Through the generosity of the China Tseng-His Foundation, the Center on China’s Transnational Relations (CCTR) was officially set up on 1 September 2004.

The mission of the Center is to advance research and public discussions about issues in China that transcend the country’s borders. We are particularly interested in how goods, services and resources coming into China change China and how China’s engagement with the world is changing the world. The Center also sees itself serving as a bridge between the West and the mainland, using Hong Kong’s free academic environment as a means to increase interactions between Western and Chinese thinkers and policy makers.

CCTR achieves this by organizing public lectures, international conferences and policy workshops. We publish edited books, special issues of refereed journals, occasional papers. We offer research grants to student and faculty, and engage in research projects on our own, combining PG students, post-docs and faculty in other universities and research institutes, primarily in Hong Kong, but also worldwide. We also seek to promote the reputation of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in the world. In addition, we successfully pull together a group of China Policy scholars from different parts of the world to contribute and exchange their research findings.