CCTR successfully pull together a group of China Policy scholars from different parts of the world to contribute and exchange their research findings. Together, we organize public lectures, international conferences and policy workshops. We also publish occasional papers, offer various researches and student awards, and engage in research projects.

Prof. David Zweig Ph.D., University of Michigan

Research Interests:
- China's "brain drain" and current "reverse brain drain,"
- The impact of WTO accession on local governments in China

Recent publications:
- David Zweig &Don Devoretz (co-editors), Special issue on Chinese migration in the Asia-pacific Region, Pacific Affairs, vol. 81, No.2 (Summer 2008)
- David Zweig & Don Devoretz (co-editors), Special Issue on Chinese Migration of the Journal of International Migration and Integration, co-editor with Don Devoretz, vol. 7, Issue 4 (November 2006).


Associate Director
Prof. Kellee S Tsai PhD Columbia University
Head & Chair Professor
Division of Social Science
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Research Interests:
- comparative politics
- political economy of development
- the study of informal institutions and endogenous institutional change

Recent publications:
- State Capitalism, Institutional Adaptation, and the Chinese Miracle (co-edited with Barry Naughton, Cambridge University Press 2015)
- Capitalism without Democracy: The Private Sector in Contemporary China (Cornell University Press, 2007)


Consultative Committee
Mr. Daniel Fung
Chairman, Des Voeux Chambers
Chair, Consultative Committee
Mr. Roger King
Director, Oriental Overseas (International) Limited
Dr. Vincent Lo
Chairman, Shui On Holdings Limited
Ms. Christine Loh
Chief Executive Director, Civic Exchange
Mr. Paul Theil
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Asia Limited
Mr. C.C Tung
Chairman, Orient Overseas (International) Limited
Mr. Michael Komesaroff
Principal, Urandaline Investments


Academic Advisory Board
Prof. Yun-han Chu
Department of Political Science
National Taiwan University
Prof. Jae Ho Chung
Director, Center for International Studies
Seoul National University
Prof. Qingguo Jia
Associate Dean, School of International Studies
Peking University
Prof. Alastair Iain Johnston
Government Department
Harvard University
Prof. Ryosei Kokubun
Director, Institute of East Asian Studies
Keio University

Prof. Pitman B. Potter
Director, Institute of Asian Research
University of British Columbia 

Prof. Siu Lun Wong
Director, Center for Asian Studies
The University of Hong Kong
Prof. Jiemian Yang
Vice President
Shanghai Institute for International Studies


Center Affiliates
Center Scholars and Students

Project team: Reverse Migration and Technology Transfer in Comparative Perspective: Turkey and India in light of the China experience