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Foreign Direct Investment
International New York Times
17 June, 2015
Reuters in Tokyo
South China Morning Post
02 September, 2014
Elena Caprioni
Asia Pacific Memo
07 March, 2013
Global giants see Games as starting line in China
The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal
16 October, 2006
The Financial Times Limited
The Financial Times Limited
10 August, 2006
Foreigners face backlash in China
Kathy Chen
The Wall Street Journal
03 April, 2006
Jason Dean
The Wall Street Journal
18 January, 2006
Chinese Town Loses Hyperlink to Future
Ching-Ching Ni
Los Angeles Times
06 October, 2005
Financial Times
Financial Times
22 August, 2005
US firms face unfair China hurdles
The Business Times
20 August, 2005
China's One-way Street on Foreign Direct Investment And Market Access
Charles E.Schumer
18 August, 2005
Foreign Direct Investment and Location Advantages: Japanese Perceptions of India Compared to China and ASEAN
N. S. Siddharthan , M. L. Lakhera
Journal of International and Area Studies (Volume 12, Number 1)
01 June, 2005
Makers of Luxury Goods Focusing on China
Elaine Kurtenbach
The Associated Press
22 May, 2005
Owen Brown
The Wall Street Journal
08 February, 2005
Foreign Investors Move Away from Pearl River Delta
Shi Ting
South China Morning Post
02 September, 2004
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