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Human Capital
Allen Au-yeung
South China Morning Post
27 May, 2016
BBC 中文網
20 May, 2015
The Economist
The Economist
22 November, 2014
Anthony Cheung
The South China Morning Post (SCMP)
11 April, 2012
Sharon LaFraniere
The New York Times
06 January, 2010
David Zweig, 廖美香
信報財經月刊 Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly
01 December, 2009
Capacity Development Group, UNDP
Capacity Development Group, UNDP
01 April, 2007
Wagdy Sawahel
16 June, 2006
Hong Kong rushing to increase talent pool for professional jobs
Susan Fenton
The International Herald Tribune
02 May, 2006
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