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Simpson Cheung
The South China Morning Post. A3
02 June, 2011
Denise Tsang
The South China Morning Post
11 May, 2011
Howard Winn
South China Morning Post
06 September, 2010
The New York Times
16 June, 2010
Paul Mooney
18 May, 2010
Jeffrey Becker and Manfred Elfstrom
International Labor Rights Forum
12 May, 2010
Rajendra Nath
The Kathmandu Post
01 January, 2009
Marlene Laruelle
Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst
16 April, 2008
崔大偉 David Zweig
信報財經月刊 Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly
01 April, 2008
Confusion say...
South China Morning Post
South China Morning Post
18 January, 2006
Dennis Normile
Science Magazine
21 January, 2000
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