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Sino - African Relations
Hangwei Li
South China Morning Post
15 March, 2015
Greg Torode
South China Morning Post
16 July, 2009
Tom Minney
API/Source.Inter Press Service (IOS)
29 September, 2008
Jonathan Holslag, Gustaaf Geeraerts, Jan Gorus, Stefaan Smis
Researcher Brussels Institute for Contemporary China Studies (BICCS), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)
01 May, 2007
World awaits Sudan's next move in Darfur
Edith M. Lederer (Associated Press Writer)
17 April, 2007
China, Africa sign deals, end summit
Chen Aizhu
05 November, 2006
China to Surpass World Bank as Top Lender to Africa
Christopher Swann, William McQuillen
03 November, 2006
China & Africa: 53 countries, 50 years of co-operation and $50 billion in trade
Wagn Yingying
China Elections & Governance
02 November, 2006
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
02 November, 2006
Wei-Wei Zhang
International Herald Tribune
01 November, 2006
China seeks deeper African ties
The Wall Street Journal
24 October, 2006
21 October, 2006
David Blair (in Lusaka)
03 October, 2006
Zambian leader apologizes to Chinese gov't
Xinhua (from Chinadaily)
01 September, 2006
Beijing goes hunting for a continent's wealth
The Australian(originally from Sunday Times)
20 July, 2006
19 June, 2006
Bridget Kendall
04 June, 2006
Andrea Goldstein, Nicolas Pinaud, Helmut Reisen and Xiaobao Chen
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
01 May, 2006
Beijing shrugs off claim of helping 'rogue states'
Agencies in Beijing
South China Morning Post
13 January, 2006
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