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Sino - American Relations
David Lampton
South China Morning Post
25 November, 2015
BBC 中文網
20 May, 2015
Keith Bradsher
International New York Times
20 May, 2014
Wall Street Journals
01 June, 2013
Stephanie Kirchgaessner
The Financial Times
21 December, 2012
Thomas J. Christensen
International Herald Tribune
21 February, 2011
Peter Hartcher
The Sydney Morning Herald
28 September, 2010
Edward Wong, Andrew C. Revkin
The New York Times
04 February, 2009
Jeremy Page (in Delhi)
The Times
15 February, 2007
James Mann
U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission
01 February, 2007
Qoutas gone, Asians storm U.S. campuses
The Herald
08 January, 2007
Krishna Guha( in Beijing)
Financial Times
14 December, 2006
Jeffrey A. Bader
The Brookings Institution
08 February, 2006
Neil C. Hughes
New York Times
02 August, 2005
Tom Plate
Asia Pacific Media Network
05 July, 2005
Saul Landau
Foreign Policy in Focus
23 June, 2005
Li Yuan
The Asian Wall Street Journal
06 April, 2005
George J. Gilboy
Foreign Affairs
01 July, 2004
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